Frequently asked questions

Can I just come along?

Yes! Make sure you check our calendar section so you know when and where we’re meeting as our sessions vary. You’ll see other runners in NFR running gear gathering shortly before our runs. When you arrive let one of the run leaders know it’s your first time – it’s usually obvious who these are as they’ll be in a high-vis jacket or carrying a clipboard!

Are there changing facilities?

At most of our sessions there are changing facilities, lockers and showers are available. Some of our sessions take place at locations without facilities so be sure to check our calendar section. Our most frequent meeting points, Gosforth Pool, Sports Central at Northumbria University, and Gateshead Track all have lockers (20p at Gosforth Pool and £1 at Sport Central), showers and changing facilities. Members are able to access these free of charge for our sessions. The changing facilities are divided into male/female facilities however all locations have individual changing cubicles available within the gendered facilities. Individual cubicles are available for showering at all locations too. In addition there are disabled access toilets at all of the locations with changing facilities. If you have a specific question please drop us a line.

What happens after a run?

Our members are a friendly bunch so we usually hang about for a bit catching up. Several of our members are excellent bakers so on a Wednesday often there’s cake to try, and we try to provide water and fruit afterwards too. We organise regular social events too, some of these take place straight after runs so make sure you check our calendar sections for more information.

Do I need to buy club kit?

If you are just a casual runner it is not mandatory to wear club kit – though for some competitions like the Harrier cross-country league and Relay events you must do so.  We do encourage our members to wear club kit at our sessions and when representing the club at external events, and most people do want to feel like a part of the club and so buy a vest or t-shirt to run in. We have recently changed our kit and will expand the range of items available for purchase to include hoodies and more.  

How do I join?

Take a look at the ‘Join us’ section.

I’m not really sure what to bring with me

There’s no dress code and there’s no need to splash out on any new fancy gear, you’ll almost certainly already own the equipment you need. We suggest a comfortable pair of trainers, no high heels or formal shoes please! Clothes wise, wear something you’re comfortable in, that will allow you a good degree of movement and that is appropriate to the weather conditions. In the summer this is usually a t-shirt and shorts (plus sun cream!), and in the winter jogging bottoms/leggings and a long-sleeve t-shirt (plus gloves and a hat go down well). We’re a hardy bunch so we train in all weather, as long as it’s safe.

I’m not really a sporty person and am a bit scared about turning up

Don’t worry, we’re not all natural athletes. Many of our members had done no or little sport before joining but are hooked now. Indeed for several this has been a gateway into a whole new world of physical activities. Feel free to drop us a line beforehand and one of our leaders can meet up before the session to show you where we meet and chat through the session. Alternatively just come along and say hello to one of the leaders at the session who’ll be more than happy to explain how it all works and put you at ease.

I’ve run before and enjoy running competitively, is this club for me?

Sure is, we have members of all abilities including super-keen speedy runners that compete at a national level. Drop us a line or have a chat with one of our run leaders if you’d like to know more.

Will anyone make fun of me if I need to walk?

Our members are a friendly lot and we all remember our first time running. We don’t leave anyone behind so your buddy or run leader will go at your pace too, and if this means you need to walk a little then that’s fine. Trying is what matters and no-one can make fun of that! We’ll encourage you to push yourself from time to time and many of our members have been surprised at how quickly their running ability and general fitness has improved.

I’ve never run before or I’m not sure how fast/far I can run, is this club for me?

Of course, we all start somewhere and we cater for all abilities. We never leave any member behind. Have a chat with one of our run leaders when you arrive who can help you choose which ability group is most suited to you or drop us a line beforehand. We’ll also buddy you up with a friendly seasoned member so you have a friendly face to keep you company during your first sessions with us.

Do I have to be lesbian/gay/bi/trans (LGBT) to run?

Absolutely not, we’re an inclusive club and welcome everyone regardless of sexuality as long as you respect this ethos too. The club’s aims are to promote running to LGBT people and so most of our members identify as LGBT, however we have plenty of ‘straight’ members too.

Do I have to be a member to run?

No, we offer two no commitment free runs with the club at first to see if you like it. We’re sure you’ll love it and want to become a member (and gain access to the benefits this brings). However if you don’t fancy the commitment of membership then you can pay on pay-as-you-go basis of £2 per session to cover costs. Often it’s cheaper to become a member though. Our ‘join us’ section has more information.