Grand Prix 2020

Like so many things in 2020 our Grand Prix season started out with so much promise, but quickly needed to adapt to the changing world we found ourselves in. The Grand Prix team, led by Kris Bailey and assisted by Jo Morrissey and Kristian Burgess compiled a varied programme of local races with a mixture of trail runs, parkruns, and road races over varying distances. We hoped it would have something for everyone.

As always our Grand Prix season is organised to encourage participation, with points for taking part.

After only a handful of events the first National Lockdown came into force and we were quickly forced to come up with an alternative. With the intention of maintaining motivation and engagement we took the decision to continue to award Grand Prix points for virtual runs in place of our planned events. The rules were simple – run the appropriate distance of the race, on the correct day, anywhere of your choosing, and upload your run to Facebook or Strava. I hope you agree this proved to be a great success. It certainly led to plenty of picturesque pictures!

We were able to organise a couple of group events – notably the Glasgow Frontrunners HOMErun and a timed 5K on the Town Moor.

Over the course of the year 96 club members took part in at least one Grand Prix Event and 10 members amassed over 100 Grand Prix Points (although 3 are committee members so not eligible for the end of season prizes).

Prizes will be awarded at our AGM on 11th November and the full points listings will be posted afterwards.

We look forward to the 2021 season…however it may look!