New to running, or returning after a while?

RunnerCouch to 5k is a great way for anyone to start to run, why not make a plan now to help you look and feel amazing!

Whilst we as a club don’t currently have any plans to facilitate a  C25k programme, there are plenty of excellent apps out there that are free to download and will kickstart your running journey. 

Most programmes very gradually progress you from jog/walking to the goal of running a full 5K (3.1 miles). This structured approach is tried and trusted by many sport coaches and health organisations including the NHS and has proven to work. 

Once you are comfortably able to run for at least a mile, and preferably two, please get in touch and ask to be added to our waiting list. We will then invite you along to run with our “red” group, as soon as we are back to running in small groups and we have space available.

C25K graduates May-July 2017
C25K graduates May-July 2017 at their first 5k race.