A cool down at a regular training session

We hold several sessions each week, with Monday and Wednesday evenings providing input on technique, and highlighting different ways of training. When we run at the weekends it is to build stamina towards upcoming races or just to burn more calories.

Below is information on some of the sessions we include in our training calendar. Running just once a week is not sufficient to really make improvements, but by showing our members different ways to run, we hope they will build those into their training away from the club too.

Things are a bit different during coronavirus, so check out check out our training calendar¬†to see what we’re up to over the coming weeks.

Hill sessions

Running up hills raises the heart rate and forces runners to lift their knees higher by activating their gluteal muscles more. This helps in regular running by allowing runners to go faster before getting tired, and improves sprinting ability when typically the legs move through a bigger range of motion.


The Swedish word for speed-play, this means bursts of speed during a run.  It helps train a runner to carry out overtaking manoeuvres in a race, but also by raising the heart rate has similar benefits on improving the cardiovascular system to a hill session.  We vary the length of sprints and recoveries so no two fartlek sessions are the same.


We run longer and longer distances at increased speed, then come back down to shorter distances. This trains the body to hold a higher speed for longer.

Track sessions

At a running track, often Gateshead, we can work on pacing as distances are easy to measure. Runners can learn what a certain pace feels like and train themselves to hold that pace.  We also give more focus on technique and feedback on running style, as the coaches have a better chance to observe the runners.  We also inject a bit of fun with relays, and with trying out kit like resistance bands, weight belts, and a drag parachute.

Distance runs

We arrange routes of different distances, and runners can choose which distance they want to go that day. When runners are ready to move up, we support them to move up to the next distance group by ensuring the pace of the new group is achievable for them.


We run a set distance, normally 5km, and set slower runners off first, then medium runners, then fast. The aim is to get everyone to finish at the same time.  Over the months runners can see their improvement over the same route.

Cross country

In the winter we take our runners at the weekend to North-East harrier league cross country courses to test themselves over a muddy, hilly route – tough but fun!


We have several UK Athletics-trained Run Leaders and Running Coaches (LiRF/CiRF). All sessions are designed by a Coach, and all groups are led by a Coach or Leader.  Our training has taught us to be inclusive, motivational and safe. We are sure you will gain from running with us.

Recently some of our leaders have also received training to support people with a visual impairment to support them running and training.