Member Bio: Karen

Day 2 of our week of bios in the lead up to our Lesbian Visibility Event on Wednesday April 24th 2019. Today we’d like to introduce you to Karen.

I joined NRF because I wanted to get fit, I was over 50 and feeling fat and frumpy! I’d led an active life prior, managing sports facilities for years but I guess I had lost my mojo! I was (and still am) overweight, and thinking “I must do something”.

My female partner and I wanted to start running again, we walked the dog together and were generally fit, and as we both work in the NHS we knew about the benefits of exercise etc. We just needed to find a club that was “gay friendly” and help us to start back on that road to fitness by helping us with a Couch to 5K! I saw a flyer on Facebook about a gay running club – Northern Frontrunners (as the club was known as then) and decided to pop along to see what it was all about. I’ve been a member ever since, and although I have been struggling with my running, I have every intention of keeping on running. My mantra is “A 12 minute mile is the same as a 5 minute mile – it’s the doing it rather than how fast I go”

I’ve recently had a new hip which has hindered my running, but it won’t stop me. I’ll just come back to another Couch to 5k and repeat.
I didn’t set out to be an elite runner. I just want to be able to run a little, when I feel like it and not get so caught up in timings or placings etc. For me, the beauty is just finishing a 5K.
I’ve found the club to be welcoming to lesbians but in general I don’t think there is a good representation of lesbians in sport. I think the uptake for women in sport is pretty poor, especially those in my age range – we need to encourage more and we need more role models!

My advice would be for anyone thinking of joining would be come along, give the club a try. If you want to meet for a coffee beforehand, we can accommodate. It’s a friendly club that encourages everyone, whatever stage you are at.