Member Bio: Hannah

Our next bio is from one of our newer members, Hannah.

I have been a member of NFR since October 2018. I used to run regularly but had stopped running for a while. In September, I ran the great north run without much training – I realised how much I had missed running and that it would be a good idea to run with a club- I lose motivation if I’m running alone!
I decided to go along to a session after reading about the club on Facebook and the website. The fact that the club promotes running for the LGBT community influenced me to come along – I also wanted to meet new people in Newcastle and run regularly.

My first session was on a Wednesday night- it can be daunting joining a new club or activity where you don’t know anyone but everyone was really friendly and made an effort to chat to me. What I really like is how everyone warms up together and finishes at the same time on a Wednesday, and Monday sessions are tailored so that everyone can take part together – this means you really do get to meet a wide variety of people. I’m still meeting new people every week!

Since joining NFR both my running and general fitness has improved and I’ve beaten some PB times. I’m sure that attending running and s&c sessions is helping me become a better runner. Every session has been enjoyable and varied, and the coaching is to a really high standard.

I’m enjoying training in a friendly, encouraging and inclusive environment. I would definitely recommend NFR to anyone who is thinking about coming along.’