Member Bio: Jo

It’s 1 week until our Run and Cake in support of Lesbian Visibility Day. And in the lead up we’d like to introduce you to some of our members. First up we have Jo

I became a member of Newcastle Frontrunners just over a year ago having made a New Year’s resolution to get fitter. I did a few parkruns which went ok. I found that running with other people, even if I didn’t know them, was much more fun than running by myself so I decided to join a running club.

I looked at all the clubs in the North East; they all had good qualities, but NFR stood out for a number of reasons. There were no restrictions on how far or fast you had to be able to run to join, cake was promised after each training session and it was an LGBT club. I hadn’t set out to join an LGBT club – in fact I was sceptical that it would be the right place for me even though I’m a lesbian. I didn’t see why there needed to be a separate running club for the LGBT community but now I’ve joined I’m so pleased there is.

I’m very lucky and haven’t ever felt like I have been discriminated against due to my sexuality, but what I hadn’t realised is how guarded I am about that area of my life, especially in new situations. It was very liberating to join a group of people where I didn’t have to worry about what they would think when I mentioned my wife.

It was scary going to my first training session, not knowing anyone or knowing if I would be good enough to keep up. Both were unfounded worries. Everyone was very welcoming and really anyone of any ability can join and not be out of place.
A year ago I would never have put myself forward to do a profile that highlighted being a member of the LBGT community, but Newcastle Frontrunners has given me a space where I can feel confident and proud of who I am.