Member Bio – Mary

This latest bio in our series is being published to coincide with Lesbian Visibility Day, and features Mary, another of our amazing, inspiring female LGBT members.

I joined Frontrunners during the first couch to 5 k programme.
I had not run since my schools days and had been trying to complete a couch to 5 k on my own…. not very successfully!

At the same time I had just relocated to the UK and thought this wold also be a wonderful way to get to know like minded people and get healthy too.
I admire and respect all of the efforts that the volunteers put into this club and I wanted to give something back so helped others through the next batch of couch programmes.

I am not very interested in competitions or PBs but understand that many of our members are. However, this is also a space for members like me who want to keep healthy and run in a safe social environment. I think in these strange times spaces like ours are even more important and vital to supporting the LGBT community, their allies and our aims of inclusivity regardless of sexual orientation and abilities.
My proudest moments have been running across the line at the end of a 5k as the back runner with our couch graduates .. so inspirational for me.

Visibility is so key to this as many look to us for inspiration and for role models to be who we are and in particular to demonstrate commitment to our inclusive and wellbeing values that are the foundation of the Frontrunner mission.