New name

We’ve changed!

Welcome Newcastle Frontrunners, the new name for Northern Frontrunners.

New name

Great name, but why?

Northern Frontrunners was born six years ago as the first and only running club in the northeast aimed at the lesbian, gay, bi, trans communities plus friends.

In that time the club has grown tremendously, our ever expanding membership are often seen out and about across Newcastle and the region, we compete in races and events locally and nationally. Everywhere we went we were asked ‘where is “Northern”?’.

Changing the name to Newcastle Frontrunners makes it much clearer to everyone!

And a new kit?

Well if we’re changing the name, why not the kit too, right? Plus our blue/yellow colours weren’t quite as distinct as back when we started now that we are taking part in many more events.

Our members came together to design the new kit which we hope will be easy to spot as we are dashing past.