Support Rainbow Home

While we all struggle with the demands to stay home and not meet up with friends, at least we all have a place to call home.  Some are not so lucky.  Newcastle Frontrunners have supported Rainbow Home (RH) for several years, and now they need our help more than ever.  One of our club coaches Russell explains why he has signed up to run the equator with Rainbow Home’s Virtual Freedom Run.

“Through the club I have met several of the people whom RH supports.  These are people who fled their homes in fear of their lives from countries where homosexuality is not just frowned on by society, but in some cases punishable by death.  Arriving in a strange country, often with poor English, they struggle to make their case to remain.  Rainbow Home provides a welcome, signposts them to legal services that can help, and provides a network including introducing them to our club if they want to run. It’s been a privilege to see how people grow in confidence given a little support, and the lucky ones have even been given leave to remain and get jobs – thus paying tax and contributing to the society that has taken them in.  Many are not so lucky and lurch from hearing to hearing, being moved with no warning from house to house, and constantly at threat of deportation.  Rainbow Home is now itself under threat as a result of funding being in short supply, so I am keen to do my bit to help protect these lovely and desperate humans and this much-needed service.”

Anyone who wants to support can visit the dedicated Just Giving page and donate, then register on the challenge site, and join the Strava group to log their miles.