Valentine Love to Run 10k

When I signed up for the Valentines 10k I was excited. I’d joined Northern Frontrunners at the beginning of January and with the support of the friendly Sunday morning runners I’d managed a slow 6 mile run after only 3 weeks with the club. Prior to joining I’d been a fair weather and intermittent jogger at best.

Then at the start of last week it started getting colder, I missed Wednesday’s club session and had a rather miserable Parkrun on Saturday. This didn’t fit with my fair weather running. I wasn’t feeling quite so excited anymore and after checking the weather forecast for the race I was beginning to think about pulling out. Then I remembered all of the encouragement I’ve had from the club leaders and other members and how I’d feel if I didn’t give it a go. Sunday dawned and it was bitterly cold but as I queued with the other runners to collect my race number I started to feel excited and nervous in almost equal measure. I said hello to all the other Frontrunners and Allen then offered to run with me and settled my nerves by telling me to think of it as a regular Sunday outing. I’m sure everyone has their own experience of their first 10k but things I remember are; having someone to run with is great, Allen was full of practical advice for the run and distracted me when I was struggling, being lapped by the really fast runners was awe inspiring, seeing the Frontrunners waiting at the finish line gave me the burst of energy I needed to speed up over the line and I then got to clap and cheer other runners as they came in too. I had an amazing time and was buzzing for the rest of day.